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Sandra Andrade | FP Tile and Marble Corporation
After a move and a renovation, my office for three businesses in one 12'x9' room was definitely out of hand - to the point where I did not want to walk in, never mind work there. There were piles of paper on my desk, floor and bankers boxes everywhere. The process Peg used was very helpful, she encouraged me to use my own language and work style to organize my space, and I felt very hopeful and inspired again. Now I have a place for everything, and if something comes up that is “new” I make sure I use what I have learned to categorize and file it in its proper place. I definitely recommend The OFFICE ORGANIZERS, Inc., they have impacted my life in a positive way. I will absolutely carry these learning’s and experiences into all areas of my life.

Michele Bailey | President and CEO | Blazing The Agency
The biggest value to me has been keeping my personal and business files, records and receipts organized and easy to find. Peg made tax time stress free! I have referred you many times, I tell people that you create 25% additional mind space.

Dorothy Brophy | B.A., LL.B. | BrophyLaw Professional Corporation
I thought I was reasonably organized, but when I had The Office Organizers Inc. come to my office and work with me to streamline my practice I was impressed. There was no time wasted in making the assessment, setting out what needed to be done, and quickly getting the job done. It was easy to see that not only were we organizing my physical space, but I was able to pull out information regarding my practice so that I could better analyze client lists; sources of revenue; and set a strategy for continued growth.

David Carter | President | Canada Film Capital
Peg and her team came into our office and quickly got us organized! They optimized our storage spaces to get rid of boxes piled up around the office. They transformed our public areas (kitchen, hallways, conference room) and tackled some executive offices, making them functional, attractive and welcoming. Everyone was pleased with their work. As a result of The Office Organizers our team is now motivated to keep our workplace organized!

Joanne Dereta | Managing Director & Principal at Stonegate Private Counsel
Peg is immensely helpful with great ideas and efficient results.
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