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Peg Bradshaw, Office Organizer

Congratulations on the wise decision to improve productivity by getting more organized. The next step is to choose the right ally. Peg Bradshaw has been a Professional Organizer since 2006 and is a Silver Leaf and National Board member of the POC (Professional Organizers in Canada). She holds her TPO (Trained Professional Organizer) designation and her background as a programmer analyst ensures she understands the functional requirements of businesses. More importantly, her care and passion for implementing systems that allow you to focus freely on revenue-producing work ensures that your organizing project is a rewarding and motivating process.

telephone 416.200.3166

Tracey Thomson | Business Development Specialist | Truthplane

I felt pressured and worried, the office was bulging with stuff - I needed an organization renovation so we hired The Office Organizers. Since Peg came in, our business has, in fact, increased. She’s enabled me to be more efficient with the way I run the business, the way I deal with my clients, the way I instantly get to my accounts with the latest information.

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